What are the main details of the datacenter?

The Data Center features high-end technical facilities that provide redundancy to all elements that help ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

The Data Center's operating environment is provided by N + 1 Redundant Air Conditioning, Three-Phase Power and 90KVA UPS, HVAC Cooling System, Fire Detection and Singing Sensors, Anti-Seismic System, Water Sensors, Temperature Sensors and moisture and video surveillance system and fingerprint access.
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What is the location of the DataCenter?

The location of the datacenter is Bucharest, Romania.

Remote restart is available ?

Yes, for 1U and 2U collocation you have access to free remote restart.

Can I upgrade my connectivity?

Yes, each co-location package can have upgraded connectivity if you require.

What are the quarter, half and full rack settings?

Each 1/4, 1/2, and Full Rack feature a free PDU (10 or 20 ports) and a patch panel with uplink 2...

What is the M247 Europe SRL ASN?

The M247 Europe SRL ASN is AS9009.