Can I upgrade my connectivity?

Yes, each co-location package can have upgraded connectivity if you require.

 Remote restart is available ?

Yes, for 1U and 2U collocation you have access to free remote restart.

 What are the costs for Remote Hands?

M247 Europe SRL provides remote hands basic free of charge for co-location. Some of the...

 What are the main details of the datacenter?

The Data Center features high-end technical facilities that provide redundancy to all elements...

 What are the quarter, half and full rack settings?

Each 1/4, 1/2, and Full Rack feature a free PDU (10 or 20 ports) and a patch panel with uplink 2...

 What connectivity does M247 Europe SRL have ?

Upstream is made in Frankfurt through the world's most prestigious providers, Global Crossing,...

 What is the M247 Europe SRL ASN?

The M247 Europe SRL ASN is AS9009.

 What is the location of the DataCenter?

The location of the datacenter is Bucharest, Romania.